Carmel Glenane BA Dip Ed

Earthing and Integrating your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Self through your Immortal Intelligent Heart

Carmel Glenane B A Dip Ed, is an internationally published Author of Five Books on the exploration and integration of The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine philosophy.  Her training programmes are based on this body of work.

Carmel has been co-creating with Crystalline Intelligence and Sound since 1993 when she opened her business Atlantis Rising Healing Centre.
A Senju Kannon Usui Reiki Master Teacher, who has taught and provided professional Healing consults in her business during that time.

She is passionate about teaching through Crystalline Intelligence and Sound primarily because it allows people to live in the NOW and TRUST their own Hearts Truth.

Her business, The Atlantis Rising Healing Centre & Mystery School is a Crystal Tones Sound Temple, carrying an extensive range of Advanced Alchemy Crystal Tones singing bowls.

Carmel has facilitated Training Programmes both nationally and internationally with Tours to Egypt and Japan presenting and playing. She also hold regular weekly Sound Immersion Meditation locally.

The Senju Kannon™ Usui Reiki training programmes are Globally Accredited through The International Energetic Healing Association. The Reiki Training is offered in 3 spearate Levels.  You must have completed Level 1 to be able to move onto Level 2 and completed Level 1 & 2 to move onto Level 3 Master Teacher.  

The Awaken your Intelligent Heart training program is also Accredited through The International Energetic Healing Association. This training is offered in 2 Levels. Level 1 -Awakening your Intelligent Heart and Level 2 - Crystalline Intelligence and your Awakened Heart.

The Atlantis Rising Mystery School Ascension training programmes Accredited with International Energetic Healing Association provide you with Step-by-Step Initiatory progression as you explore your own Multi-Dimensionality. There are 5 Levels of Ascension.
Through the sacred mysteries of The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine you are a witness to the transformative and magical power of 'The Mothers' wisdom being revealed to you, bringing you a sense of Peace, Light, Truth and Order to your world.

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Activating your FIRST CELL

EMBODYING Truth through HEART Consciousness


Globally Accredited with International Energetic Healing Association

This Course is now offered in 2 Levels.

Level 1 - Awaken your Intelligent Heart

Level 2 - Crystalline Intelligence

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